Carrot Logos, Carrot Icons and Usage Guidelines

Primary Logo and Icon

Always use the flat version of the logo and icon as shown here.

primary carrot logo

Primary Carrot Logo

primary carrot icon

Primary Carrot Icon

Logo and Icon Margins

Use at least the height of the “c” as a measure of distance between the logo and other elements.

logo spacing

icon spacing

Reverse Logo and Icon

The reversed version of the logo can be used on color backgrounds. 

Logo Usage Guidelines

Do not use the primary Carrot Logo or Icon on backgrounds any darker than #F7FAFC.

carrot icon on approved color background
carrot logo on incorrect color background

Do not add to, re-color, alter, rotate or modify the logos in any way.

correct Carrot logo usage
incorrect Carrot logo usage

Use the reversed logo on top of images or darker colors. If there is not enough contrast, use the primary logo. If the reversed logo is used on an image it must be overlaid on an image or area of the image that has little or no conflicting imagery behind it.

Carrot reversed logo on an image - approved
Carrot reversed logo on an image - not approved