The Carrot Brand Standards Guide

A Full System, not just colors and fonts.

Welcome to the refreshed Carrot Brand Standards Guide! Building upon the already amazing Carrot Culture, we’ve refreshed the brand look and feel to reflect the awesome Carrot Mission, Vision, and Values.

In addition to the new assets and guidelines we have here, they also work in tandem with the App Design System – Turnip.

Getting Started

This Guide is broken into 7 sections to give you guidance on messaging, logos, colors, and more! Click through the sections in the top menu or start here:

Mission: The Carrot Mission, Vision, and Values.

Messaging: Find info about the Carrot name, voice, tone, and our Carrot Terms Glossary.

Creative: This includes 8 sub-sections:

Brand Architecture: Learn more about the Sub-Brands that live under Carrot.

About: Wondering where the name Carrot came from? This is the place!