All things written: the Carrot Brand name, and voice and tone for Carrot communication.

Brand Name

When talking about us, please refer to us with the following capitalization, spacing and terms:

green check Carrot or

Do NOT use any of the following:

red x InvestorCarrot, AgentCarrot, on carrot, OnCarrot, or any other variation


Human, positive, professional, and fun.

We are human. Intelligent and reliable yet real. We use real, relatable language but remain professional. We use facts and logic and not hype. We are educators, experts, thought leaders. We care deeply about making a difference in the world and spreading positivity. We also have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

As a person, we are the friend you go to for advice and guidance. The friend you know will tell you the truth and empower you to make real positive change. 

Examples coming soon!